Lane Closure Technician (LCT)

Traffic control is a cognitively demanding job that requires significant skills training. LCT’s are making decisions on behalf of drivers, workers and the public and must be vigilant every second of their shift. It’s important that they’re professionally trained to meet the needs of the industries they represent.

Triumph is a WorkSafeBC approved training provider of lane control technicians in BC.

Triumph’s comprehensive, three-day standardized Lane Control Technician (LCTs) course, consists of classroom and practical training.


Must have 1500 hours as a Traffic Control Person and hold a valid TCP certificate for at least 3 years.

Physical and Mental Requirements of an LCT

LCT’s should be physically and mentally prepared to do the required work, and should exhibit these characteristics:

  • good vision
  • good hearing
  • alertness and mature judgement
  • intelligence and common sense
  • pleasant, cooperative disposition
  • sense of responsibility for the safety of workers and the public

Participation requirements

  • Good command of spoken and written English
  • Physically able to participate in the on-road practical
  • Steel toe boots with ankle protection

To successfully complete the course, the participant must pass both the written exam with a minimum mark of 80% and the practical evaluation with 100%. Upon successful completion, students are issued a record of completion, valid for three-years.

Course Content

  • Understand driver behavior and effectively communicate with the public
  • Ascertain skills in work zone set up according to the Traffic Control Manual for Work on Roadways
  • Create site-specific traffic control plans according to the Ministry of Transportation Manual
  • Develop journaling skills in documentation of daily activity
  • Facilitate feasible solutions that may arise in work areas.
  • Learn the importance of documentation and the potential of accident litigation


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