Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our courses are recognized across Canada. They have been developed by our staff of trained professionals to provide you with all the knowledge necessary to work in a safe environment.
Absolutely – our courses have been used to train individuals and whole groups of staff all across Canada. Whether you need WHMIS for your retail job, or H2S to start your labour job in Oil & Gas – our training is written by experienced professionals who equip you with all the knowledge necessary to get to work and be safe.

We certainly do. Call us for more information for group plans +1 (866)-203-5120.

Triumph Safety has a recommended renewal of 3 years and all other courses have a recommended renewal of 3 years. However, if you work for a new employer after completing your training, you might need to take the training again for your new employer.
You can pay online or via phone using Visa or MasterCard.